Job Resume is step one

Job resumes are important, but job seekers must also have strong job interviewing skills. Job search is similar to fishing. The resume is similar to your fishing hook. The hook helps you catch the fish but having other tools, such as a net will make it easier to bring in the fish. Similar to catching a potential employer with your resume, strong interviewing skills are a must to help you close  the deal.

Speech Basics

According to the Toastmasters Magazine , a speech must contain five elements: Goal, statement, Introduction, support points and conclusion.

Goal: The goal is not stated in your speech but guide to guides the speaker focus on the purpose of the speech.

Statement: Lets your audience know what you are going to talk about.

Introduction: Unrolls the story behind the objective of your speech.

Supporting points: Provides supporting information.

conclusion: Notifies your audience you are about to conclude with your speech.

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